The Solution

The Sample Pro is easliy mounted to most shale shakers.

The Sample Pro is designed to eliminate errors inherent with current sampling methods, providing accurate and representative samples every time.
  • Easily mounted on the discharge end of the shaker.

  • Drill cuttings pass over a sieve plate and are sprayed with water or other solvent to remove drilling fluids.

  • Sampled cuttings pass through the sieve plate into a removable collector.

  • 120 mesh screen at the base of the collector allows fluid to pass through, while ensuring all sampled cuttings are retained.

  • Adjustable cover plates regulate the volume of cuttings passing over the sieve plate, ensuring the entire interval is accurately sampled.

  • The vibration imparted on the Sample Pro by the shaker keeps the retained cuttings in constant motion, providing an accurately mixed sample.

  • The standardized sieve plate and collector tray ensure that sample accuracy and quality will be consistent on every rig that utilizes the Sample Pro, regardless of the experience level of rig personnel.
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